Who Watches The BlowHard News Network?

Who Watches The BlowHard News Network?
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Thursday, August 5, 2021

57% Proves we ain’t the smartest country and our drugstore patriots are blue-ribbon dumb.

 "The fatal assumption was that Americans would choose to think and learn, instead of cherry picking the blogs and TV channels to reinforce their particular branded choice cultural ignorance, consumer, scientific or political, but especially political.

Tom [Jefferson] and Ben [Franklin] could never have guessed we would chase prepackaged spectacle, junk science, and titillating rumor such as death panels, Obama as a socialist Muslim and Biblical proof that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs around Eden. In a nation that equates democracy with everyman's right to an opinion, no matter how ridiculous, this was probably inevitable. " Joe Bageant


"Cultural stupidity might not be so bad, were it not self-reproducing and viral, and prone to place stupid people in charge. All of us have, at some point, looked at a boss and asked ourselves how such a numb-nuts could end up in charge of the joint. " -Joe

A "defender of the faith" apparently unaware that our own numeral system is the Arabic, wrote this:
it's only funny until you have been to Arab nations and learn our "arabic numerals and their/there Arabic numericals are NOT the same. Theirs make sense only when you lie down and squint because they are sideways horizontal...not vertical and upright....(at least the few I knew) for example their "3" looks like our lower case "m."
Well hell, no WONDER why that poll result occurred. 57 per cent of those who took the poll had experienced lying down and squinting to read the numerals.

Friday, July 30, 2021

What Does God Want You To Do?

All American Church of the Religious Right

We of Evangelical Rightists for Trump would like to clarify a few points that have mislead all you brothers and sisters for two centuries.

Who wants literal interpretation of Religious Scripture?
The real Jesus

Who declares that there is only one TRUE God?
The real Jesus

Who opposes women’s rights?
The real Jesus

Who rejects the theory of evolution?
The real Jesus

Who wants mandatory prayer in school?
The real Jesus

Who wants to weaken separation of church and state?
The real Jesus

Who wants censorship?
The Real Jesus

Who opposes gay rights?
The real Jesus

Who opposes sex education?
The real Jesus

Who favors Iron Rule of Law and Order?
The real Jesus 

Who favors corporal punishment?
The real Jesus

Who favors the death penalty?
The real Jesus

Who declares that dissent is disloyalty?
The real Jesus

Who looks the other way when torture and murder happen - especially if it is the torture and murder of non-citizens?
The real Jesus

For the Blowhard News Network,
I'm The Most Righteous Reverend, Franklin Duminyon

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Honesty is the best policy

In a nutshell folks, the most patriotic approach to describing the tactics of our Noble Senate Defense-Of-His-Worship Team is this.

impeaachment trial in a nutshell

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Gosh! We thought our point-of-a-gun global diplomacy would have a longer life than this.

Just so you can understand. Led by our vociferous Commander in Chief, Foreign Policy Expert In Chief and Trade War General in Chief, we continue to be the greatest country on the planet and the greatest exporter of Sacred Corporate Capitalism ever seen in the annals of recorded time.

This is your BNN Rebuttalist report for Tuesday, July 31. I'm Flush Limberger.